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2024 Uproar Events

March 22nd: TBD

March 23rd: Charleston, Maine -> Charleston Church Youth

Maine 1 Night 

Uproar Partners Night

April 26th, 2024 at His Tabernacle Family Church

With Prophet Andre Bronkhurst

Details and Registration Here

Join Pastor Chris estrada, Kels Johnson, Derek Mack, The good Family, Cody + Mindy Spencer and the rest of the Uproar Team!

Location: Charleston Church + Faith Bible College International

Cost: Free. Rooms can be purchased at FBCI Dorms.

Uproar Maine: June 20-22, 2024

Join Pastor Chris Durso, Keenan clark , Jonathan Stamper, The good Family, Cody + Mindy Spencer, Youth Group Chronicles and the rest of the Uproar Team! AND MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED

Location: His Tabernacle Family Church , Horseheads NY

Cost: Free.

Uproar Horseheads: August 1-3

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