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Leadership Network 

Our heart and goal is to connect you with amazing resources that will launch your ministry to a new level! 



"25 years experience and the call of destiny led to the founding of Empowering Pastors, where churches, ministries, pastors and individuals have been encouraged, restored, and solidified in who they are within the kingdom of God. empower others from any walk of life. Either it be ministry development or leadership coaching, I am confident in your future, your potential, and your destiny." Dr. Micheal Spencer

Here's how The 300+ Youth Explosion System (and coaching program) works: The 300+ Youth Explosion System is a 12-part, step-by-step (walk-you-by-the-hand) bootcamp, that is guaranteed to get your Youth Program where you need it to go. By the time you're done, you'll be seeing more dramatic increases in your ministry than ever before, positioning your youth program as the goto spot for youth in your region, and strategizing with me on a regular basis.

The Circle is a community of pastors and leaders who commit to 12 months of ministry strategy, personal leadership, and character development resulting in growing & sustaining the call of God on their lives. The two biggest reasons leaders burn out is because of a lack of next level training and empowering courage. The Circle will build your weaknesses into strengths, impart experience and wisdom into your vision, and draw the influencer inside of you to the surface. Passion, risk, and a teachable heart are center stage and will be essential for you to make the most out of your time in The Circle


EMPOWER Leadership Conference not only serves to equip and empower church Pastors but also ministers to the needs of business and kingdom-based leadership. Recognizing the inability to separate effective spiritual leadership from business leadership, EMPOWER bridges the chasm between two entities.