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How one visitor became a bringer

Recently we heard from a student named Sarah and honestly... she said exactly what every Pastor wants to hear!

Sarah: I am going to start inviting my friends to service

Leader: Awesome, It will help us win the visitor competition!

Sarah: Yes, but really I want them to feel the same way I do now. Ive only been coming for a few weeks but what Jesus has done in my life already is amazing. My friends need to have the same thing!

Sarah ended up bringing 4 more friends and 3 of them have given their lives to the Lord. This is just one great example of what happens when students get excited about Jesus and their friends encountering Him as well!

Every Spring and Fall season we run a 6 week visitor competition. We do it for a few reasons.

1. We want to create momentum after the summer and after the winter breaks.

2. We want teens to get used to inviting friends to church.

3. We want to see growth!

BUT, before you write off this blog let me tell you HOW we do it!

A. This competition is group based (If you don't have small groups you can pair a few kids up as a team)

B. Every time a student shows up they count for 1,000 points

C. Every time a guest shows up they are worth 2,000 points

D. Here is the big difference

- Every time they show up, they are worth 1,000 point more. Up to 4 weeks.

- 2 weeks - 3,000 points , 3 weeks - 4,000 points , 4 weeks - 5,000 points

This is a BIG deal because it doesn't focus on them showing up once. It focusses on them returning multiple times to build relationships and most importantly to hear the word of God. We have seen that the more they return the more likely they are to STAY!

E. We give points for attending small groups as well - 2,500

At the end of 6 weeks whoever holds the mot points wins a prize!

*We send our kids to dave and busters for a party

I have attached the download link to track your groups scores! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

* I left our numbers in it so you can see how it works!

Our heart is to see teens saved! This is one small tool we use to get them through the door and to get teens used to starting the conversation and bringing their friends!

Here is the link

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