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How to handle change

CHANGE… to many people a big scary word that makes them go into a corner in sheer terror of what could happen! These people need to be set free from insanity! Too often the church does one thing over and over and over and over and over and over expecting a new outcome.

Change should be embraced…. it allows for growth!

Here is HOW to tell what is missing from your process of change – by identifying it you can then be equipped to handle change easily and effectively!

Let’s check this out and go through a QUICK breakdown of the categories!

Vision – Where we are going! Without knowledge of a destination it is hard or impossible to trust the process!

Skills – If you are lacking the skills you will not know how to get to the nest steps!

Incentives – I personally like Priorities better for this box! If it matters to you… you will do it!

Resources – They enable you to get the job done!

Action plan – There has to be step by step details! Making people assume puts them in a position to have the lowest form of knowledge!

When there is a change ALL of these come into play! A great leader will have them in place… a greater follower will ask for clarification when a problem arises! Most times during change people fail to communicate their anxiety, confusion, resistance, frustration or false starts! When they are brought up they can be fixed!

Let’s be honest though, none of it matters unless you are willing to change! Here is another quick formula for you!

Vision x Dissatisfaction x First Steps > Resistance to change

If any of the three are NOT greater than the resistance to change.. Nothing will happen!

Change creates grow, say it out loud.... Change creates growth!

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