Relationships in Leadership

Relationships or relation-sinks – this will make or break you!

3 important relationships

1. We all need a Paul

  • Someone who loves you and leads you with wisdom and correction

  • Must be able to speak in to your life

2. Barnabas

  • Those who will love you and support you no matter what!

  • Your greatest victories cause them to rejoice

  • Your lowest valleys will move them to action on your behalf

  • Job’s friends messed up a lot but they showed up and sat with him for 7 days

3. Timothy

  • Every leader needs a protege

  • No matter the season you are in

  • You have to pour into intentionally

  • The more formalized it is the more you can expect from it in the future.

How to create your Inner Circle

A. Outside relationship

  • 3 people that do not go to my church that are in similar season or position that I can rub up against in fellowship

  • Be selective and be transparent – always good will always equal isolation

B. Relationships above you

  • Your Pastor and elders in the Church

  • Draw on their experience

  • Greatest arena of personal accountability

C. Relationships accountable to you

  • Ok to do this as long as your leadership is established first

  • People have to respect the boundaries you have set

  • If not you will lose respect

  • Never allow yourself to confuse your relationships

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