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Leading Beyond Yourself

"Too often we focus on buildings, attendance numbers and our names. In reality that is not great leadership accomplishments. If our entire worth is built up in things that will break down over our own lifetime, then we have a worth that will always be diminishing." - Dr. Myles Munroe

If we want to be great leaders - effective leaders - leaders that are like Christ, we must invest into people. We must speak into their future, dig out the rough spots and truly disciple them into who God has created them to be! It's not easy; sometimes it is not fun, but it is truly the way to leave a lasting impact that many leaders never do.

We often get caught up with programs and services, but we must focus on people.

How did Christ's invest into people?

"The capacity to lead others through inspiration, generated by a passion, motivated by a vision, brought by a conviction, produced by a purpose." - Dr. Myles Munroe

Purpose is the beginning! When you can speak to someone's God given ability, it comes alive inside of them! If you want to break through the walls they have built up: first... speak life, faith and future into them! Let them know that you see significance inside of them!

Conviction will follow! Once conviction grabs ahold of you, good luck shaking it loose! They can run but the call of God cannot be outrun (See Jonah).

Vision - once they realize they have purpose and the Lord has laid a mission on their hearts, it will birth vision! So many teens and young adults go through life asking the same question: "What do I want to do with my life?" and honestly it can be found by simply speaking LIFE and purpose into them!

Upon birthing a vision, a passion will arise in them that no man can snuff out. As the Pastor or Minister leading them, it is your job to fuel this fire! Give them direction, pray with them, help them and most importantly push them towards that vision!

Passionate people are always inspirational people! Once they can inspire others.... something amazing happens. They start to lead on their own. They can start to lead beyond the Pastor and truly live our purpose and destiny.

Reflection Questions

1. How do you speak to students? Do you speak purpose and faith to them consistently?

2. Do you feel challenged when someone else starts to have influence and passion?

- If you do, you will never allow people to truly live their prupose

3. Who can you speak purpose into this week?

Feel free to leave feedback below!

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