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Will you join me for #Uproar19

Uproar Conference Poster

I believe in this generation! That they are hungry for the things of God, that they will see a mighty revival. I also believe Uproar is what God has called me to do to play my part in this. This is not about me, my church or anyones name -- this is about winning a generation, seeing freedom in their life and mobilizing them to bring the message of Jesus to their homes, cities, schools and regions. This is an Uproar!

This is for youth and young adults (7th grade - 30 years old)

I know, another conference (rolls eyes) but honestly (really) this is completely different.

We have structured the flows and services to host an encounter with God for students who are just there for a good time or the spiritually mature kid!

The nights are high impact with concerts from Social Club Misfits and Ty Brasel, anointed worship from our home team + Jenya Jackson AND some of the most powerful speakers that are walking this world.

This year we are joined by: Ted Shuttlesworth Jr, Chris Estrada, Josh Carter and Manny Arango.

These guys are a cut above the rest! They are prayerful, fruitful and deliver the Word of God with conviction.

The afternoons are marked by intimate worship, calls to action for students and leadership training for everyone on your team.

Did I mention that this is %100 free as well? Yes, F R E E because we believe the Gospel shouldn't cost to be heard!

This year, lets fill the arena.... register today --> Registration

For more info message us --> Start

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