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Are we losing a generation?

According to Barna research "atheism has doubled among Generation Z". We need to see a change, we need to be the change. Lets talk about it.

Throughout the old testament we see a common (Heart breaking) theme, a flip flop of serving the Lord and serving false gods. From king to king one would rectify the nation just to have the next one lead them right back into sin and destruction. How hard is it to think that we have seen the same kind of ups and downs in our own nation. That one generation will experience a massive awakening to Jesus and the next will completely turn their back.

Many of the kings in the Old Testament would walk away to serve other gods, gods that they saw other nations and people worshipping. Gods that the one true God had already shown victory over. Sadly we see this now in our country, people are serving alcohol, addiction, lust etc. as their god's and for many different reasons. King Saul actually blamed pressure from the people he was supposed to be leading for his sin twice! We understand that back then it was probably difficult to serve the Lord but now even more we have a generation that is being watched, judged and experiencing pressure all day, everyday through technology. Many people have turned their back or never even taken the first step out of fear and persecution. Ultimately everything flows from the heart and where we are as a nation is because we have not had our hearts checked. We have an entire generation in which atheism is increasing, it’s a heart issue not a mindset. This was the problem in the garden and in the book of 2 Kings and in chapter 17 verse 14 "But they would not listen and were as stiff-necked as their ancestors, who did not trust in the Lord their God." It has always been and will always be about the heart. When people walk away, it was something in their heart that is now alive in action.

If it hurts us imagine what it does to Gods heart. It my be due to people serving other gods, falling to the pressure of other people or a laundry list of other problems, the reality is all of it is a heart issue. If we want this generation to be one that serves God we must start to go after what matters, fight for them and never relent. It is not a losing fight. The time for an Uproar is now.

In 2 Kings chapter 18 King Hezekiah destroyed the places of idol worship AND the bronze snake that Moses made because people were worshipping to it! He destroyed sin and religion! In 2 Kings chapter 22 King Josiah returned to the Lord in full focus and heart, "not turning to the right or the left" which was the first step. He also reimplemented the law (following the bible) to the nation. It is possible that we can win a nation and do it through the young people!

Right now we largely have a nation that is far from God. Christians are the largest majority of people in the country but have one of the quietest voices. This must change! We need to be like the kings in the Old testament and return to the Lord ourselves first! And then lead those who are directly following us. Sin and religion need to be laid aside, we need to take up the Word and what the Lord has called for us to do! If we do not, who will? God is not sending another son, He did His part. This is on us, right now in this day of age. To refuse to be silent, to win Generation Z with the truth of Jesus. To rekindle in the hearts of young people once again what Jesus started on the cross!


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Our heart and goal with "Uproar Conference is simple. We want to accomplish the following three things.

1. Bring the message of salvation

2. Bring the truth of freedom and deliverance

3. Empower this generation to bring the message to others.

We believe that by instilling these three simple steps into the youth of this nation we can begin to win them back! By empowering them to go back and not just have an experience their families, friends, schools and regions can experience the same salvation and freedom they did at Uproar. What will be said of this generation is the same thing that was said of the disciples in Acts 17:6...“These who have turned the world upside down have come here too.”

Uproar is an annual FREE youth and young adult conference held in Elmira, NY. This year we are being joined by Chris Estrada, Josh Carter, Manny Arango, Ted Shuttlesworth Jr, Social Club Misfits, Ty Brasel and Jenya Jackson. With 7 main session for students and 4 leadership sessions your ministry will be forever marked by what God is doing.

The Uproar is being held for Youth and Young Adults (12- 30)


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